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Effective recruitment

Professional online/offline recruitment, call center, high-level IT background – that’s why we can provide you reliable labor in short time

Organized Professionalism

Our experienced staff, advanced IT system and ISO 9001 standard, guarantee you fast and efficient service.

Conduct Administrative Duties

Tailored to the needs of your company, we conduct staffing needs, file the necessary paperwork, administer payroll tasks, and organize travel and accommodation.

Lawfulness, credibility

We have 20+ years of HR service experience, expert staff, credibility, flexibility and are in compliance with legal requirements.


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Jobtain's main profile is providing a temporary workforce to our partners. This means that we recruit the right people for the position and also manage our supplied employees until our partner takes over their employment contract or ceases to have a legal work contract with our staffed employees. During this time, Jobtain manages the payroll and all other tasks associated with employing our supplied workers, saving our partners a lot of time and energy.
Depending on the number of employees, positions will be filled and contracts signed within 3-6 weeks.
Based on Jobtain's experience over the past year (looking at a range of 2,500 Hungarian and 1,500 Ukrainian employees), the rate of one-month turnover for domestic workers is 50%, while for Ukrainian workers it is only 10%.
Ukrainans do not cause any more trouble than Hungarian workers for our partners. While arranging the right papers, permits, travel, accommodation and interpreting is a complicated process, our partners do not have to worry about it! We provide all these services for your company. From a behavioral point of view there are cultural differences, but in the past year (looking at a province of 1,600 Ukrainian workers), the number of disciplinary offenses in the factory area is just under 1%.
We typically provide people who do not need professional qualifications or experience, but we can help with any position as we provide flexibility and the ability to meet every need. We have no limit on the number of vacancies to be filled.

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