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Today, the greatest challenge for businesses is the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. One of the basic prerequisites for this ability is a sufficient and knowledgeable base of workers. Many companies are understaffed and do not have the time or the resources to find and vet new employees. In this case, involving a staffing agency is a quick and cost-effective solution. Jobtain encourages you to consider this option even if:

  • your company
    • has a max headcount, as employment agencies's staff are not included in number of employees
    • has received a large or urgent order, which requires more staff to be found in a short amount of time for a temporary work period,
  • you want
    • a trial period for your new recruits before you employee them, so you can hire the best employees in a few months,
    • want to optimize costs, since staffing agencies have a service fee not a yearly wage
  • you are on leave or need to overcome long periods of illness,



Jobtain Kft. Is nearly 15 years old and we are continuously developing. We are a 100% percent Hungarian-owned staffing agency. We supply employees for our partners, our main company profiles are in Hungary, Transylvania, Ukraine and most recently in Vietnam. In order to provide our customers with high-quality, flexible services, we operate 1 on 1 in our offices in Hungary, Transylvania and Transcarpathia. Our goal is to connect the companies with labor shortages to the workers who are ready to work. We have done this exceedingly well and have already conducted the staffing needs of over 1,500 employees for 50 partner companies.

Our staffing agency

Why choose Jobtain to fulfill your staffing needs? 

Although decades of HR experience is undoubtedly the cornerstone of our company, our continued growth is because we keep pace with changing marketplaces, and continue to develop our strategies. This is how we successfully combat labor shortages.

This development is made possible by our

Organized operations with ISO 9001 quality management system:

To implement ISO 9001 certification stringent requirements must be met. With our transparent processes, efficient internal/external communications, and clear descriptions of responsibilities, Jobtain successfully fulfills these requirements every year.


Advanced IT Infrastructure:

For reliable and efficient operations it’s essential to use the most advanced online programs conducted by IT professionals. From professional payroll to automatic document generation we take advantage of the latest technology in every aspect.


Professional Marketing Team:

Online Marketing helps your company find the best employees in the shortest amount of time. Jobtain's professional marketing team is proficient in social media sites, Google ads, and eDM (electronic direct requests),and the latest graphics and video trends and is qualified to take over your advertising needs.


Efficient call-center team:

Our colleagues pre-screen candidates through telephone interviews, vetting them in accordance with your values. Ensuring that you have a motivated and qualified workforce.


On-site management:

Each project has a dedicated project manager who conducts all selection, employment, and administrative tasks required in hiring employees through Jobtian. Ensuring effective communication with our partners and immediate solutions to any problems you may have.


Caring for our Employees:

We are proud of our relationship with our employees. We provide them with reliable information and treat them with dignity. Their trust in us and our empathy towards them assists their adjustment to their workplace, providing you with employees with whom you can build a lasting relationship.


Try & Hire:

At least 3 months after the selection and trial period, you have the opportunity to hire the best employees through our “try & hire” service.


Adherence to our values:

Diligence, credibility, reliability, and legality are values ​​we never compromise. Our adherence to them puts Jobtain at the forefront of staffing agencies.We always provide useful and credible information, meet the needs of our partners, and comply with all statutory regulations and obligations.


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