Recruiting Domestic Labor



Jobtain Labor Recruitment has been active in the staffing market for 15 years. Throughout our history we have been reliable labor  suppliers. We have constantly evolved to embrace changes in the market. This ability has allowed us to increase our portfolios and customer service points. Through our continuous development, dynamic adaptation, and internal innovation this trend continues.


What are our indicators of success?

  • our supplied laborers are present in 10 counties
  • we support our partners and employees with 10 customer service points nationwide
  • our experienced, expert coordinators are constantly in contact with partner companies and employees
  • we employ our own professional marketing team including qualified Google Ad experts
  • our central customer service telephone lines pre-screen calls to ensure that our partners are always assisted by quality employees
  • documents and announcements required for employment are not conducted manually, rather they are automated using advanced IT infrastructure
  • our processes are regulated in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system that ensure efficient operations in the field of staffing agencies
Jobtain can help!

What are the values that make Jobtain stand out? 

Jobtain prides ourselves in the ability to successfully hire qualified candidates without jeopardizing quality for quantity. Our claims of success are not only based on internal efficiency measures. It also comes from the consistent positive feedback that we receive in our surveys from our partners and domestic workers. We are proud to have achieved all of our successes without compromising on our values ​​rooted in our foundation.




  • Credibility: Our company is 100% Hungarian-owned, knowledgeable, debt-free, and the BISNODE Group has rated our credit as “low-risk.”


  • Lawfulness: We operate in accordance with the law at all times. We are licensed for our activities (staffing agency work and recruitment), we legally declare our employees, we treat the data of our candidates and employees in compliance with GDPR. Our fees are transparent to our partners and do not contain hidden balances. We pay our employees the amount agreed on with the employing partners and specified in the employment contract.


  • Communication: We are available to our partners and workers (even outside business hours) to provide comprehensive information to questions and inquiries.


  • Proactivity: We continuously meet expectations, but we also go above and beyond to actively cooperate with our partners. We make suggestions for greater efficiency, and offer the flexibility to adapt to individual requests.


Whether you need a small or large number of domestic workers, you can trust us to fulfill your needs. Fill out our contact form and partner with us  to find the best solution for your company.


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