Partnerships with Jobtain

Expertise in Supplying Employees

What do we offer?

JOBTAIN Service Ltd. provides you with one-and-a-half decades of experience, expertise and dedicated staff in the field of supplying labor. This enables us to respond quickly to your company's human resources needs. We also accommodate specific requests with short deadlines by offering flexible solutions. Our office is available on a daily basis to solve any labor shortages by offering outsourced employee services, cross-border recruitment, travel and accommodation.

We work with a well-trained team of experienced colleagues. Our labor supply services are available across Hungary and internationally (Transylvania, Transcarpathia). Our customer service points can now be found in 13 cities (Budapest, Veszprém, Sarvar, Szolnok, Gyöngyös, Jászárokszállás, Jászberény, Kecskemét, Kiskunfélegyháza, Nyíregyháza, Székesfehérvár, Csíkszereda and Beregszász) and their numbers are constantly increasing to ensure fast and smooth contact with both our partners and recruited employees.

Supplying Domestic Labor

If you are looking for domestic employees for vacant positions, we are committed to finding the most suitable Hungarian workers for your needs. We provide you with full recruitment services from staffing laborers who are available until your project’s completion to providing a flexible and convenient framework for the hiring of our supplied labor.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Vetting and supplying employees who meet position requirements 
  • Organizing medical aptitude tests
  • Notification of employment to competent authorities
  • Payroll administration
  • Informing and helping supplied employees
  • Administering termination of employment
  • Providing business bus services and accommodation based on individual needs of supplied employees
Experts in Staffing Labor

Recruitment and Supply of Ukrainian Workers

We offer full administrative services surrounding Ukrainian hires.

What do these services Include?

  • Preparation of the official 2-year work permit at the Hungarian Immigration Office
  • Manage of Hungarian tax numbers
  • Management of official TAJ numbers
  • Open Bank accounts for recruited workers 
  • Provide escorts to the Immigration Office to receive a visa and successfully cross the border in Hungary  
  • Ensure a native Ukrainian speaker for factory visits and the signing of work contracts
  • Grant assistance with the immigration process by providing supplied employees with full accommodation (living quarters/travel arrangements)
  • We have ample experience to ensure that the immigration process runs smoothly  

How do you go about staffing Ukrainian Workers?

As mentioned above, Jobtain HR Service Ltd takes away the administrative and logistical burden of hiring Ukrainian workers from your company. We offer experienced knowledge of the whole immigration process to ensure a smooth on-boarding for both your company and the supplied workers. If your company wants to hire Ukrainian workers for extended periods of time it does involve a more intensive process that Jobtain can guide your company through.

What is your company’s responsibility?
  • Provide comprehensive transfer of information, clear definitions of employment needs, and factory visits to our Ukrainian and Hungarian coordinators
  • Continuous consultation between Jobtain and the Company's labor experts and HR coordinators
  • Installing a Trial Production Line - Ukrainian Labels, Descriptions, Workflows, Ukrainian Interpreter / Guides
  • Placement of Ukrainian subtitles in social and service rooms - sink, restroom, snack bar, dining room
  • Cultural sensitivity training to Hungarian workers in preparation for changing employee dynamics 
  • Discovery of what works and does not work in an employee-friendly work environment  
  • Ukrainian Orientation / Educational Day - Translating Safety Materials

It is in our common interest to supply you with workers who fulfill your and your current employees’ expectations.


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